Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Summer Show

What a colourful spectacle?

Well done to all of you who had a go at Tie & Dye, with beautiful results. I think they looked great in the opening number, The Macarena.

 I understand a few of you are hooked and will try Tie & Dye again.
 Thank you to Isabella Smith who had the idea and  produced a leaflet of instructions.

More photos at 

Our 4th Annual Show, "Welcome to Rio", was very successful with over 80 of our gymnasts taking part, from the very youngest to our older members. 
Taking part in a display is part of gymnastics. Everyone who joined in had worked hard to master skills, learn routines and perform in front of an audience. You are a credit to your coaches who dedicate so much time to helping you in a sport that they love. 
Well Done everyone.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Hampshire Under 8's Conditioning League

Final Round

 Five of the top scorers from the previous Rounds competed at Fox Gymnastic Club on Sunday 3rd July. They received ribbons and trophies.

Poppy, Beth, Leah, Freya, Amy

Well done to all the "Little Stars" who have been in the teams for the four rounds.
 The next competition for "Little stars" is in September. We will be training during the Summer Holidays!


Well done everyone who practiced their handstands for the special Handstand Day on 25th June

Here are some of Saturday Rec showing what they can do.

Friday, 24 June 2016

Conditioning League Round 4

Well done girls.

L-R   Beth, Poppy, Freya, Amy & Molly

 Everyone is improving with each round.

 Freya only scored 7 points last time she was in the team in April. On Sunday she scored 40.6! All her coaches have noticed the vast improvement so were delighted with her performance. She is the team's top scorer.
Thank you to Amy and Molly who have been in the Conditioning team for 3 years and are now too old for next year. Freya, Poppy, Ava and Leah are also 8 years old so will need to move on as well.
 Beth, Sophie and Rebecca will be in the team next year and we hope to have some new team members from Rec.

The top scorers will go to Round 5 at Fox GC, Fernhill school, Farnborough on Sunday 3rd July.
If anyone wants to support them it begins at 9.15am

Good Luck for Round 5 to Freya, Poppy, Beth, Molly, Amy & Ava, if she is fit and Leah is reserve.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Gymnast of the Month

The Yateley Cup
May 2016
has been awarded
Phoebe Payne
for showing enthusiasm as soon as she joined Aspire. She is developing some good gymnastic moves.

The Aspire Cup
has been awarded
Freya Shah
working hard all the time. Her improvement shows she is doing some of her conditioning at home.

The Frogmore Cup
May 2016
has been awarded
Lucy Scott
always giving her best, being willing to try everything and smiling.

 Congratulations to all of you
Keep up the good work