Friday, 11 April 2014

Spring badges

Congratulations to everyone who was awarded a British Gymnastics' proficiency badge and certificate last term - we gave out a record number of badges :-)

A special mention to Lara, who over the last three years has gained every badge from 8 to 1 and therefore earned a medal for all her achievements. Well done Lara!

March's gymnasts of the month

Aspire Cup Daniel (red leotard)  
For trying very hard in every session,in acro and in conditioning. He has made lots of progress in the last couple of months. 

Frogmore Cup Imogen 
For really trying hard, even when she is nervous of new skills and making excellent progress.

Yateley Cup Tomas
For working so hard. He is always very polite and full of enthusiasm. He has worked really well when doing skills for badges and has made such good progress! 

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Congratulations to our latest Grade 14 girls

On Saturday 22nd March 2014 Aspire Gymnastics sent four girls to the Hampshire Grade 14 competition held at Alton.

We are very pleased to announce that they all passed!  Congratulations to Molly, Keira, Darcie and Kaitlyn.

Head Coach Jo Henden said;  “Well done girls, hard work but a brilliant achievement.  I am very proud of you all.”

What is Grade 14?

Grade 14 is regarded as the entry level to the main competition level above novice.  It is a national programme organised by each county.  The minimum age for  the gymnasts taking part is 8 years old in 2014

Each piece is marked out of 13.5 and the overall pass mark is 45.  There are five pieces; vault, bars, beam, floor and Range and Conditioning (R&C) - which we also refer to as the bench routine.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

February's Gymnasts of the Month

Yately Cup - Elise   
She is always happy. She tries hard every week and shows a lot of potential in gymnastics

Aspire Cup - April 
for working hard to gain the next badge.  She has been keen to do well and has had a much improved attitude throughout our gymnastic sessions. 

Frogmore Cup - Sam  
He works hard and is developing into a very good gymnast. He is a joy to coach, because he listens and keeps trying. He surprises me all the time.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Nigel Young, Aspire Gymnastic Coach wins Hart District Council Chairman’s Award.

On Thursday 27th Feb, Gil and Jo attended a presentation at the council offices to Nigel Young. He was presented with a certificate and a cheque.

These awards recognise and reward members of the public in Hart for their help in the community.

Nigel first came to Aspire Gymnastics at Frogmore in February 2013 expressing an interest in joining our coaching team. He came as a volunteer working alongside qualified coaches helping for 5.5 hours a week. Immediately the Head Coach could see the potential for developing Nigel’s coaching skills.

Through discussions with the Head Coach a plan was formed for him to become a qualified coach to enable him to develop a new discipline of gymnastics for the club. This will allow gymnasts not able to progress through the Artistic discipline to stay in gymnastics and to develop different skills to competition level.  Nigel has already attended a Safeguarding course and gained a level 1 qualification.  He always wants to learn and asks all the coaches for explanations and tips on coaching.

Nigel now helps in all areas of running the club; moving equipment, setting up, supporting the older, bigger children so they can try moves safely, attending competitions in Havant and helping at the club’s fundraising events. He has looked at the Judging aspect and is already developing a rounded approach to gymnastics. He is really reliable and willing. 

Aspire Gymnastics is lucky to have him on the coaching team and we look forward to him gaining his next qualification in July.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

January's gymnasts of the month

Yateley Cup - Kara 
For working with determinationmaking good progress and  showing improvement. 

Aspire cup - Megan 
For always working hard without complaining. Although she  finds some aspects harder than others she continues to try. 
She is lovely to coach. 

Frogmore Cup - Ella 
In the short time she has been with us she has continually pleased and surprised her coaches. She listens and is keen to try. She is learning quickly.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Alton pre-grades competition - 15th December 2013

Seven Aspire gymnasts tried out their Grade 14 routines and four their Grade 13 routines in preparation for the county competition in March 2014.

Head Coach, Jo Henden, was very pleased and surprised, when two of our Grade 14 gymnasts scored the highest on two pieces of apparatus receiving gold medals, Keira Blignaut on vault and Darcie Meyrick on bars.

 Jo said, "All the gymnasts and coaches have to work very hard as they have so little training time compared with bigger clubs. It is wonderful to see them succeeding."

Well done girls!