Thursday, 9 July 2015

Gymnasts of the month – June 2015

Yateley cup - Beth
for having made continuous progress since being in Froglets. She works consistently to achieve new skills and to improve every week.

Frogmore Cup - Sam
for continually smiling. He is always happy and has gained so much confidence, he obviously enjoys gymnastics

Aspire Cup - Molly
for being conscientious, always willing to try new skills and displaying  a very pleasant attitude  whenever she is doing gymnastics. All her coaches have been greatly impressed by her for several years.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Gymnasts of the month - May 2015

The Frogmore Cup May 2015 has been awarded to Lily
for always trying hard, and persevering on harder skills. She is a lovely girl to coach.

The Aspire Cup May 2015 has been awarded to Holly
for working so hard since she joined the squad. She has made a big contribution to the Under8’s Conditioning team.

The Yateley Cup May 2015 has been awarded to Freya 
for constantly amazing her coaches  by what she can do. She shows a lot of potential and works hard to achieve and improve every week.

Monday, 1 June 2015

Gymnasts of the month - April 2015

The Yateley Cup April 2015has been awarded to Millie for
Always being really focused on improving skills, for  listening well and being the  first to be ready. She is a very good role model!

The Frogmore Cup April 2015has been awarded to Megan for
Always working hard and listening to what she is being told. She is making good progress in all areas of gymnastics, and is a pleasure to coach.

The Aspire Cup April 2015has been awarded to Amy for
Really trying to concentrate more. She is working a lot harder and not getting so distracted whilst training.

Monday, 18 May 2015

UNDER 8's, Round 2

The girls did well on Saturday 16th May 2015 in the Hampshire under 8’s conditioning league in Portsmouth.

Due to Daisy having broken her arm, Charlotte cutting her hand and Amy being unavailable it was on the whole a very young team.
Imogen has made a great improvement since she competed last year and Holly scored really well on both Bars and R&C.

All the girls did well on Bars.  Well done girls J

L-R Holly, Molly, Imogen, Erin and Katie

Monday, 27 April 2015

Hampshire County Conditioning League - Round 1

A big well done to Daisy, Charlotte, Amy, Holly, Maddie and Molly who all did very well on Saturday in Round 1 of this year's Conditioning League.

Most of the clubs we are competing against have their own fully equipped gyms and the gymnasts train 16 -20 hours a week.  At least one session a week will be spent just doing conditioning.

The main aim for Aspire is to try and win the trophy for the "Most Improved Club". Each of you is trying to do a bit better every time to get more and more points for Aspire.
The team did much better than Aspire has done before. This year there are 2 fewer activities so it is hard to compare the points with previous years but Aspire is usually last so we have moved up a place.

Keep working on the routines for Bars and R&C, also speed up on the running, practice rebound, long jump and leg lifts.

Well done girls :-)

Friday, 13 March 2015

Gymnasts of the month - February

Because of their outstanding forbearance at the Grades on March 1st the gymnasts of the month are all from Squad.
Molly, in the middle, Lara, left and Amelia​, right
For exemplary team spirit. They always represent the club in the best possible way. They do their best, support and encourage other team members and put everyone else before themselves. They are an excellent example of the spirit and ethos we want at Aspire. They make a magnificent contribution to creating a close, friendly and supportive club.

Monday, 2 March 2015

Newest member of the coaching team

Welcome to Izzy
Isabella has joined the coaching team as a Young Leader volunteer. She will be helping at the Saturday Rec and Froglets classes. 
She cannot attend a coaching course before her 14th birthday which is in May. She has booked a course in the summer. 
She has been a gymnast with Aspire and as a Young Leader already attended judging courses, conferences and helped at Regional events. 
She is valuable member of the club.