Wednesday, 18 October 2017

September Gymnasts of the Month

Congratulations to Amelia, Bethany and Zoey.

The Aspire Cup September was awarded to Amelia for showing enthusiasm and effort over a long time. She is always polite and friendly. She is willing to help move apparatus, demonstrate moves and help with the air-track. She is a good example of an Aspire Gymnast. 
We are proud of her.
 The Frogmore Cup for September was awarded to Bethany for working well on her own and with others.
The Yateley Cup for September was awarded to Zoey for pushing herself to learn new skills independently 

June- Gymnasts of the Month

Congratulations to Amy, Isobel and Taya

Amy- Aspire Cup 

Taya- Yateley Cup 

Friday, 21 July 2017

Gymnast of the Month May 2017

Congratulations to  the winners this month

Frogmore Cup  Jenna Wright

Aspire Cup Sophie Ross

Yateley Cup Amber Evans

 Amber Evans

Sophie Ross

Monday, 17 April 2017

Gymnast of the Month March 2017

Congratulations to Daisy and Rihanna

Daisy has been with Aspire for over 4 years. She has achieved a great deal in competitions and Grades. It is surprising that this is the first time she has received Gymnast of the Month.

The Frogmore Cup March 2017 has been awarded to Rihanna Gordon for always giving of her best and trying hard.

The Aspire Cup March 2017 has been awarded to
Daisy Crane for showing determination and never letting setbacks get in her way (even with a broken arm!) She is always keen to improve (when she isn’t chatting) and is a pleasure to coach. She has a great character with a lovely sense of humour and is everyone’s friend. She is developing leadership skills, which she shows in her ability to lead the warm up. In almost five years with the club she has never been given this award!

Friday, 10 March 2017

Gymnast of the Month February 2017

Congratulations to Maddie, Jacob and Grace.

The Aspire Cup
February 2017
has been awarded to
Maddie Alexander
for having a positive attitude and 
always being determined to improve.  

The Frogmore Cup
February 2017
has been awarded to
                  Grace Oliver
for always listening 
to her coaches
 and endeavouring to do 
as she is asked. 
She really does try 
to do her best.

The Yateley Cup
February 2017
 has been awarded to 
Jacob Williams
for continuing to work 
consistently and for 
enjoying gymnastics

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Gymnast of the Month January 2017


The Aspire Cup
January 2017
has been awarded
Freya Wright
listening carefully to her coach, 
consistently trying hard 
and helping other gymnasts.

The YateleyCup
January 2017
has been awarded
Isla Moxham
continuing to work hard by pushing herself to improve her gymnastics. She is a good role model and lovely to coach.

The Frogmore Cup
January 2017
has been awarded
 Melisa Kilinc

always listening to feedback and acting on it to improve her gymnastics, for trying hard and being brave on the beam.

Christmas Party 16th December, 2016

Thank you Sarah Elf for a fabulous evening

Wearing some gorgeous Christmas wear about 50 children with their families 

enjoyed some fun and games led by our own Elf. All the games earned points 

and at the end of the evening points meant prizes so all the children went home 

with a collection fun toys.

 Zoe and her helpers arranged some refreshments for donations to Save the

Children Fund.  We raised £130.00 which was almost twice as much as we sent

to Text Santa after last year's party.

Thank you everyone who supported us. 

Looking forward to next year.